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About Classroom Keys

If you knew there were faith based classroom management strategies that could change the atmosphere of your classroom would you want to know how to implement them?

Here’s my story…

In my 10th year of teaching, three students entered my Spanish class. They were known throughout the school as “the trifecta,” wreaking havoc in every classroom they were in. Each of these students individually was a handful, but together they spun a classroom world out of order.  All three of them were enrolled in my class during the same period. True to form, they began to erode away at the order of my atmosphere bringing chaos.

I needed help. I was known in my school for excellent classroom management skills. Principals would send new teachers to me for help, but now I needed help. Nothing I did was working, no one had a solution, and I was tired.

At the same time, outside of the classroom a scripture verse had just become a reality in my life, “For the kingdom of God does not consist in talk but in power.” 1 Cor. 4:20  I had walked into a greater dimension of power and prayer. People would ask me to pray because, as they put it, “When you pray, your prayers get answered. It’s like you have a direct line to God.”

If this was true in other areas of my life, then surely the Kingdom of God could be powerful inside my classroom as well. Thus, began a journey. I learned many new things about the way the Kingdom of God works and how to bring its power into reality in the space I taught in every day.

One by one each of these students’ behaviors changed as I implemented new faith based classroom management strategies, and the atmosphere in my classroom came back into order.  The results were lasting – not just in that year but in the remaining years I taught in the public school system.

My classroom became known throughout my school as a place of relationship and order where learning took place without chaos or major disruptions.

During my last year of teaching I met a friend who was a long-term substitute for a class of severely handicapped students. She was coming home each day bitten, scratched, and hit by her students. I shared with her the things God had shown me in my own classroom. I gave her a few tips and strategies and prayed over her before parting ways. Four months later I received a message from her saying, “It worked!!!” Her classroom was transformed, just like mine, and others were taking note!

Do you want to know more about how to bring this change to your classroom too? Explore this blog for tips, strategies, new thoughts, and principles of intercession for effective classroom management.

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